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Subjects Covered

Maths, English, Physics, and Chemistry.

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We are Link4Tutor and we help form great minds so that they can release their true potential. We help parents worry less by helping your child’s grades and confidence soar. We offer a personalised approach when it comes to tuition from our qualified teachers, who have spent years teaching in schools.

The best of both worlds

Benefits to Children

Structured course of study based on their degree of competence at the time
Increase in confidence in learning
Lessons can be accessed online from anywhere
Full support from qualified teachers
A unique 1:1 learning experience with state-of-the-art technology
Learning from teachers who specialise in improving exam grades

Benefits to Parents

Cost-effective for the entire family with lessons to suit any budget and schedule. We have the best prices.
Zero contracts or additional fees
Comprehensive notifications and reporting provided to parents
Setting up your children for future success
We help inspire and motivate students to learn

What Sets Us Apart

We have an inspiring pool of teachers who are educated to a degree level and have strong communication skills, they have lots of experience working with young people and can demonstrate that they have all the skills required to teach. They are empathetic towards young people and are committed to helping pupils achieve a meaningful level of academic attainment.

We work with our in-house programme co-ordinators to support with session materials and assist with any problems that may occur and keep an eye on the calibre of the tutoring being provided.

Our approach is flexible. We help you create a timetable that works for you or allow you to book ad hoc tutoring sessions at your own convenience.

Trusted by Parents

With thousands of lessons conducted to date we have excellent reviews. We focus on learning gaps and assist pupils in achieving their objectives. We are trusted by parents globally and set a high standard in everything we do.

First Lesson Guarantee

We are flexible with our approach. We'll find you a replacement teacher and cover the cost of your subsequent lesson with them if you don't enjoy your first lesson.

Vetted Teachers

We handpick each of our teachers, who are all highly qualified, devoted professionals. We only collaborate with the very best! We offer teachers tailored to your needs. Our teachers have respective degrees, and we also have a range of Experienced.

Subjects Covered

Various subjects are covered including Maths, English, Physics, and Chemistry.

Start Your Learning

Tutoring is delivered online and remotely using our online classroom via Zoom. We offer 1:1 session instead of group teaching so that the quality of teaching is not compromised. Online sessions are a very convenient method of teaching as they can be done from the comfort of your own home. The secret to success is taking regular lessons with our enthusiastic and skilled teachers. Our Prices are very competitive.

What to Expect

Once we have assessed your child’s needs we will select the best teacher to fit your child’s learning needs.

Each class is customised for each pupil. To assist you in achieving your objectives, your teacher will develop lessons just for you.

We provide everything necessary to get the most out of online lessons – from the comfort of your home.

Collaboration is important to us; we use screen-sharing capabilities so that students can work collaboratively. Documents can be uploaded and shared getting your notes annotated and feedback given in real-time. Our teachers foster a welcoming, upbeat learning settings where students feel free to explore while studying.

Who We Are

Link4Tutor is based in the UK. We have been established since 2008 and have worked for many years developing our teaching methods for pupils who are at from early reading to GCSE level. Our Online Home learning covers many subjects including English, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. We have a wide variety of experienced and subject-specific teachers at every level and we're confident you'll find what you're searching for.

Our Mission

We are committed to having an impact on the students we work with, allowing them to reach a meaningful level of academic achievement. Teachers and students can communicate visually in the online classroom, and tools are provided for writing, drawing, and editing on the online whiteboard.

How we work

This makes it possible for students and instructors to develop a relationship like that of an in-person lesson in a fully interactive learning environment. Documents can be simultaneously modified by the teacher and the student, saved, and accessed anytime a revision is necessary.

Our Values

We inspire powerful learning experiences by pairing our students with our talented teachers so that you find your perfect match and can start progressing towards your learning goals today. We believe in quality teaching. All our teachers have taught in schools and have real life practical experience. We offer 7-day-a-week support and put customer satisfaction at the top of our values.


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