Online English Tuition to improve your child’s language proficiency

Is your child finding it hard to keep up with English class at school? Are you having to frequently sit down with your young ones, trying to explain basic concepts of the English language? All your troubles end right here with Link4Tutor’s customised online English tuition services.

From reading and writing development to proper spelling, grammar and punctuation to verbal/nonverbal reasoning, to comprehension, vocabulary and phonics – there are many facets of English that a child must learn early on at school. While some children are highly adept at picking up new structures, for example, others are not as confident and must work harder than the average student to achieve the same level of fluency and comprehension in English.

Our online English tutors are all degree holders in English language and literature, taking the time to understand each student’s needs before coming up with a bespoke lesson plan tailored to their exact needs. They are familiar with all the main English curriculums in UK schools, and know exactly how to address weak points in children in order to help them progress in both written and spoken English.

Why choose Link4Tutor for Online English Tutoring?

Working with us as your online English private tutor is really easy. We will assess your child’s learning needs and then match the best teacher with those needs. We customise each lesson for every student. We believe this approach helps both children and their parents achieve the desired objectives, where our teacher will devise lesson plans specifically for that student. Dedicated 1:1 sessions via Zoom ensure that your child gets the tailored lessons easily from the comfort of your home, under your supervision.

Documents can be shared between teacher and student with ease and we provide feedback in real-time to ensure that all goals are being met. All our teachers are trained to foster an environment that’s warm and welcoming, as well as upbeat, positive and completely non-intimidating – we understand how your child needs to feel comfortable and at ease in order to progress to the next level of English proficiency.

Our teachers have very strong communication skills and have worked with primary-level English students all the way up to GCSE level students, both at prestigious schools and through online sessions. They are very understanding, kind and empathetic in nature, never making students feel “small” or intimidated in any way. We believe this is very important in order for children to feel rewarded and fulfilled every time they achieve a new milestone.

We always take a flexible approach to online teaching, working around your schedule and coming up with a teaching timetable that suits you.

We are also very picky when it comes to choosing which teachers become a part of the Link4Tutor team, putting each prospective tutor through a rigorous recruitment and vetting process. We also conduct extensive background checks to ensure that each teacher is of sound moral character and does not have a criminal history.

Whether you want your child to be familiar with reading basics at the KS1 primary school level, or want them to ace an upcoming GCSE English language/literature exam, our private online English tutor can help them reach their goals in a practical and cost-effective way.

No matter where you are in the UK, we will handpick the right English private tutor who understands your child’s learning needs and then prepare bespoke lesson plans to help you meet their learning goals. All you need is a PC or laptop with a reasonably good internet connection to allow for seamless communication over Zoom.

Will my child benefit from an Online English Tutor?

Many parents are hesitant to work with an online English tutor and understandably so, especially those who represent a relatively unknown online English tutoring service. Some of them do charge an arm and a leg, after all, while some do not even guarantee results or apply the “one size fits all” philosophy across all students.

You’ll find none of that with us though as we not only offer some of the most competitive rates for online English tutoring but also go out of our way to quickly identify your child’s weak points and the obstacles which are preventing them from improving their English proficiency. We take the time to understand the limits of each child, the kind of teaching style they best respond to and how quickly they can grasp new concepts.

We never rush through any of our sessions simply marking items off a checklist but instead challenge students in a fun way to apply reasoning and understanding as they learn to master English language and literature.

Are there benefits to choosing Link4Tutor for Online English Tuitions?

Benefits to students
Structured course outline is fully in line with current school curriculum where lessons are tailored according to each student’s current skill and competence level;
Confidence boost after only the first few lessons;
Tailored lesson plans can be accessed online all across the UK – all you need is a reasonably good internet connection for live Zoom sessions;
Complete support from highly qualified, experienced and friendly teachers during and after the lesson;
Latest live video technology provides a unique 1:1 learning experience;
Learn from teachers who are experts in helping you overcome specific weaknesses and improve exam grades.
Benefits to parents/guardians
Cost-effective and practical solution for you and your child – lessons can be tailored to suit all budgets and schedules – we pride ourselves in offering some of the best prices for online English tutoring;
No additional fees or contracts – end lessons whenever you need to (T&C apply);
Comprehensive live feedback and extensive reporting to keep you in the loop;
Set your child up for better success in the future so that they master English easily at higher levels;
Instill the motivation and inspiration in your child to learn more and aim higher.