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Please choose from our service plans: Basic, Standard, and Advanced.

  • The Basic plan requires a minimum of 5 hours per month.
  • The Standard plan requires a minimum of 10 hours per month.
  • The Advanced plan requires a minimum of 20 hours per month.

Our service is designed to cater to your entire family and all subjects. You can divide 1 hour into 30-minute sessions and only need to buy more sessions once you've used up your hours for that month.

With Klarna, you can spread your cost interest-free for 3 months. Enjoy even greater discounts when you purchase a 6 or 12-month plan for the Basic, Standard, or Advanced service.

5 Hours per monthBasic

  • 12 Months* (£900)
    £828 - 13.8 per hrs (8% discount)
    6 Months* (£450)
    £427.5 - £14.25 per hrs (5% discount)
    1 Month (£75 - £15 per hrs)
  • Live 1:1 Tutoring
  • Learning Platform (Used by Schools)
  • Focus on School Grading
  • Align with the School Syllabus
  • Past Paper Questions
  • Custom Quizzes for all Subjects
  • Help with School Homework
  • Prepare student for the upcoming year (During Summer Holidays)
  • Option to give Feedback after every lesson
  • Homework is provided after every 1:1 session
  • Mobile Apps for ease of use
  • Quality check on tutors
  • 12/7 Customer Care Support
  • Option to cancel 24hrs before the session